What I Learned from GWC Warranty Reviews

By | November 27, 2017

I’ve been in the market for a used car and have been doing a ton of research online about the best way to go about purchasing one and the type of insurance coverage I might need. I was thrilled when I came across GWC Warranty—an industry-leading vehicle service contract provider—and started reading GWC Warranty reviews from the company’s many satisfied dealer partners and customers.

These GWC Warranty reviews raved about the services, products, training and technology offered by GWC Warranty. Here are a few GWC Warranty reviews in particular that really stood out to me.

When it comes to customer care and service, GWC Warranty is second-to-none.

“I had a customer that was on vacation in South Carolina who broke down and called me in a panic with her kids in the car at the resort. I told her to call GWC. GWC told her the garage to take it to and it was fixed within 24 hours. It didn’t even impact her vacation.”

— Lou Roberti, Owner, Roberti Automotive – Kingston, NY

GWC Warranty helps its dealer partners sell more cars every day. It does this by providing used vehicle coverage that gives drivers the peace of mind they need to purchase a vehicle and drive it away worry-free.

“We have a sign that says 90-day, 4,500-mile free warranty on select vehicles. Most people see that and it’s that reassurance they get. They also see the stickers and clings on the windows and that makes people feel more secure about their purchase. You see these cars with a GWC warranty on there and it makes the consumers feel protected.”

— Joshua Gragg, Owner, Joshua’s Auto Sales

GWC Warranty even stays up to date with the industry’s latest innovations in order to help its goals. GWC Warranty provides dealers with technology that helps drive sales and deliver a better overall customer experience when purchasing a used vehicle and a subsequent vehicle service contract.

 “The iPad app gives me consistency with 100% of the customers 100% of the time. I’m able to turn around to a customer and say “Do me a favor and listen to this.” I start out with the video with the President and CEO for info about the company and then shoot over to the coverage breakdowns and monthly payment. It’s all about consistency. It simply gets done quicker.”

— Joe Sallese, F&I Manager, Tower Auto Sales

Now that I’m more informed about used car purchases and vehicle service contracts thanks to GWC Warranty and know that trusted companies like GWC Warranty are out there, I have no more worries when it comes to buying my next vehicle.

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